Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sajdah along-side with the Gold dinar

'You do not submit to Allah by doing what you can, but by abandoning yourself to Him, as you stretch fisabilillah into the unreachable.'

'The coin speaks for itself. If you want to teach the people about the gold dinar you have to do it yourself. The coins speak without need for any of our explanations: about what is paper money, what is Bretton Woods agreement, what is banking and what is fractional reserve banking.'

The gold dinar means the end of the constitutionalist order. It means independence not just from the colonialist powers but independence from united nations and IMF.'

'Not even during the worst of Romans Caesars we find the immense control in the form of taxations, information, documentation, money control monopoly that the modern regimes exercise today. This control is today propagated in the name of freedom.'

'The political debates are created only to create a false impression that there is actually a debate. Political parties have never discussed the tyranny of the money system.'

'The fraud of the banks is the fraud of the paper money. And vice versa.'

'Rumi was told about someone who said 'something which is halal is not possible to achieve." Rumi said, certainly what is halal is possible and whoever says is not, he is a hypocrite". He continued 'If after telling him that person still does not understand then he should hit his head against the wall. If he still continues not to understand he should hit harder."

'The gold dinar is going to create new men and women.'

'The fight of today is the restoration of the muamalat. The means are within the reach of your hands. When you allow yourself to see the means and when you believe that Allah is giving you the means, then, everything in front of you is the means.'

'Take the affairs into your heart. When you put this matter into your heart, you will see doors open for you to act.'

'What the modernists did was something more sinister, they transformed Islam. Under the name of reform. They call it 'islah'. Its not a reform of capitalism. Its not a reform of the debased society we are in. Its a reform of Islam.'

'When they say capitalism complying to shariah, they are actually saying and making shariah complying to capitalism.'

'They have taken the Shariah, divorce it from the fiqh, divorce it from the Sunnah and replace it with a "hadith self-service". The hadiths become deprived of the contextual reality from which they were given, that is without muamalat, without the model of 'Amal of Madinah and thus open to any wild interpretation. That naked hadith was now open to the interpretation of the modernists, who all they want was to prove that Islam can emulate the west. They claim themselves modern like the west.'

'Within the movements of reform in the 20th century, nobody was against the reformist acceptance of riba. Their islam was concerned with the BIG issues. What is the BIG issue ? The BIG issue is the puritanical Islam which we have seen in the 20th century.
Their only concern is only that the women are completely covered. Covered in the uniform, the uniform of reform.'

'A picture of Islam in the 20th century : a woman with the reform uniform, with a credit card.'

'Why are these matters being given too much emphasis and why the matters of riba is so liberalised ? This is because this is how the capitalists achieve control and power. Putting guilts on the individuals so that they dont have to have any concern about the real issues that they prey upon us.'

'For that reason, these matters of muamalat do not concern these reformist men of the 20th century, who is nothing but a little pivot inside the capitalist prison.'

'Religion in the 20th century means nothing. Religion becomes a matter of choice. So you can question God, but you cannot question the interest rates.'

'There is no taxation in Islam except the taken of the payment of zakat. Zakat is not a state taxation. Zakat is ibadah. It is collected and distributed within 24 hours.'

'Nationalistic cause has nothing to do with Islam. Infact, it was one of the causes that contributed to the destruction and fall of the Khalifate.'

'For as long as the people in palestine and the movements in the world keep demanding US dollars to gain their support, they are only feeding the israeli state. There is only one way to eliminate israel once and for all, that is to destroy capitalism. Capitalism is the strength of the jews and this is what sustains israel today.'

'If you want to fight for the people of palestine, there is only one struggle, its the struggle for the Darul Islam.'

'The British wanted to create a different front in the Arabian Peninsula so that they can destroy the Khalifate, and for them, they wanted to destroy the Turks, the Ottoman empire. They wanted to diversify the troops by creating another front in the Arabian Peninsula with very little resistance. They chose the wahhabis. It was the British money and the british weapons that supported the wahhabis.'

'The biggest treason out of the WW1 is the formation of saudi arabia. It was created with an alien political and riba system that has made every muslim in the world to become foreigners to their 'own' holy land. Muslims who entered Mecca and Medina are treated as foreigners. The Saud are the owners, and the rest are foreigners.'

'There is knowledge in when you stretch yourself for Allah (swt). It is in that moment when you completely trust in Allah (swt). Its that act of stretching and pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone. In that, there is knowledge.'

'The great gift is for the people that move forward first. The ones that lead. the ones that move and bother themselves. But in the eyes of the great majority, they saw it as too much effort and struggle. By that, this great majority has missed it.'

'This is a spiritual journey. If we have come closer to Allah (swt) in this process, then we have achieved something. And that is the real achievement of the gold dinar. We do not worship gold coins. We worship Allah (swt). The power of the gold dinar is in the sajdah, alongside with it.'

'If we do not get this, we are dead. To go through life like a zombie, that is DEAD.., really DEAD.'

We must put this matter in our heart and be ready to present the matter to anybody. We must be ready to teach everybody about the gold dinar.'

'This is when Allah put His signs to be within your reach. The signs may be passing under your nose and you dont see it. If you dont look for it, you will miss it. The signs are everywhere. The key to the whole thing is you.'

'When you believe that Allah is giving you the means, then everything within your reach is the means. EVERYTHING. By putting these matters into your heart, you will see doors open.'

'You are the khalifah of Allah. Take the affairs into your heart and act.'

'There is nothing in the whole world that can contain the sajdah of the mu'min. Dunya cannot contain it.'

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Market-place (suq) - Trading for free traders.

'Tijaratun a antaradh dhi min kum - Trade with mutual consent.'

'Before the time when state constitutions were in place, the market place has been a public institution. If we were to restore muamalat, the market place must exist as a public entity.'

'Market place is essential. It is fundamental in regard to trading. The market is such an original institution to societies that it precedes the formation of government.'

' Market-place is built for trading.'

' When Rasulullah (saw) went to Madinah, the first institutions that he built were the mosque and market.'

'We saw this in Bosnia. When it was destroyed in the war, the first civic institution that was built, before the govt of Sarajevo, was the market of Sarajevo. The first thing that brings the people together is their willingness to trade.'

'Rasulullah (saw) said that the sunna of the market is like the sunna of the masjid. Market is a sadaqah to the people. It is a waqf. Like the masjid.'

'There were traces of the majestic architectures of market-places devoted for trading, for the free traders, the people of the city, that muslims have created in the past.'

' A market-place is a fundamental part of muamalat. If the market-place is monopolised, then the distribution is monopolised, eventually the production is monopolised. Not only the monopolistic supermarkets decide whose products get to be on their shelves, but eventually, they start producing their own brand names.'

'When super-markets appear, the standard of living go down because monopolists kill the economy. This is because the people cannot have all the money. The money is in the hand of the monopolists.'

'Confuscius said - The profit of a nation is not making profit, the profit of a nation is its equity (justice).'
'You dont make money by pursuing profit, but it is made by the balance. It is to uplift the society. On balance, and not by one person who gains all the money. Balance can only be granted by justice. Justice in Islam.'

'Only in Islam so clearly define these matters with such clarity and accuracy. No little detail has been left out. The market-place is very clear in the sunnah, clear in hadith.'

'Our task today is to establish the Open Market of Kuala Lumpur. It will be the open market for the free traders. The market is to give them the status they deserve. To uplift them.'

'The entire Imaret was financed by the revenues created by the market-place.'

'The suqs and caravans come together. Without the suqs, there are no caravans. The prominent feature of the suq is the caravan-serai. The caravans represent the people of the city.'

'Caravans are entirely linked to the contract of Qirad. It is a contract not based on collateral but based on reputation, given to you by your community of people, your jamaa, your caravan. Traders work in a group as a jamaa, which is natural in traditional societies.'

'The market place is regulated by the guild of traders.'

'The building of an Islamic city around the market-place will guarantee the welfare of the people. There is something with a difference, something built upon riba and something built upon trade.'

'And in establishing the market, we would have put another step into the fulfillment of the complete model of muamalat. In these market-places we will establish the use of the gold dinar. '

'In this market-place where the caravanas come in, the qirad will be established through the caravans.'

'With the dinar, qirad and market-place we create the Core Mechanism. Each sustains each other. It will generate its own momentum. The dynamics will sustain itself.'