Sunday, May 29, 2011

Journey and Witnessing (Part1)

You travel towards Allah in the matter so that you become more and more enslaved. You serve Allah swt and you become closer to Him. This is a process. The only way of advancing in this matter is taqwa. The thriving element is taqwa.

Serving is to know that you submit to do more. And the more you do the more enslaved you are in your travel towards Allah swt.

In the du'a of the mukminun, Allah loves those who makes du'a. Du'a is like a door opening. You walk through it. When you make du'a and ask Allah, 'O Allah, give me desire the knowledge of You ..', you walk through it. You desire what you have just asked for. You do not stay at the door. You walk through the door of your du'a. You go with the 'wind' of your du'a and then things open for you.

That is the nature of tariqah, you coming closer to Allah swt. If there is no sense of moving towards Him, that you get up and act, nothing will happen to you. You dont benefit, even though Allah swt gives you everything that you want. Without moving towards Allah swt, this does not help you at all in your journey to come closer to Him.

When you actively make that journey there is a sense of commitment associated with any action that you do for Him.

Science does not think – Martin Heidegger. He said that simply because that way of reasoning cannot think the truth. If you cannot think the truth, you cannot think. Science is completely heartless ( no heart)and therefore destructive. As long as you take science as a tool and compliment it alongside with your heart it is alright. But if you take Science as an ultimate, without your heart, it is an absolute danger.

It is not enough to use reason to comprehend the shariah. Attempt to bring this matter to the people with reasoning will have no effect. You may explain the contents of a book with all the reasoning that is needed and the other person who listens will say, 'Yes, I understand.' But he does nothing. So what have you achieved? What is worse is when the next time the same matter is brought to him he will say, 'Oh I know that subject already. You dont have to tell me.' Until he acts, he does not understand. Until he acts he has no knowledge. Reasoning stops him. That is the danger.

Reasoning is like a vaccine against any further knowledge to the listener. That stops him from serving Allah swt.

Haqiqah is witnessing Allah swt.

1.Allah has given you the tool, the Shariah, and this is what you have got to do.
2.Then you come closer to Him, this is the excuse of doing the journey.
3.The coming of serving Allah swt is the way of witnessing Him. Whatever you encounter in your journey is Him. By His Power, it is the manifestation of Him.

Unless you witness Allah swt, the gold dinar is useless. This for us, is the best opportunity for us to teach the people about Allah swt. I worship Him and I come closer to Him. And that is my journey. Remove your fantasy and He appears. In His appearing, it is your witnessing of Him. Its all within you. The path is already given.

Allah swt is our revolution. Hold on to that. This is the revolution of the truth. With this, success is inevitable. The very recipe of success. The moment you do it for other-than-Allah swt, failure is inevitable. When He takes away what you desire more, other-than-Him, it so that you know that He loves you.

Without the journey you take upon yourself, you cannot advance in these matters.
We take upon ourselves this affair, that we only do it for HIM. The only way that you can be protected in this journey is by taking it with Haqiqah.