Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinar Emas Islam ( Islamic Gold Dinar ) - Muqaddimah dan Penghayatan

Kuliah ini telah di sampaikan oleh Saudara Umar Vadillo di pejabat Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor Darul Ehsan di Shah Alam pada 5 April 2010. Terjemahan ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia oleh saudara Khalid Shah.

Bahagian 1 membentangkan perlunya perlaksanaan penggunaan Dinar Emas sebagai matawang negara.
Bahagian 1 (Part 1)

Bahagian 2 mengandungi beberapa soal-jawab bersama kakitangan jabatan.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Governance according to Muamalat with special emphasis on the Sultanate of Sulu, Nusantara

'The Islamic Gold Dinar is about freedom. We live in a society where there is no freedom. We are not aware this is a problem. The big problem is that we do not know that we are not aware. We are not aware that we are economic slaves. We are not conscious that we are being robbed and that, we are insensitive to our own situation.'

'Understanding muamalat is the basis of understanding everything else.'

'99% literature written in the last century on Islamic economics or reform of economics are without the understanding of muamalat, disregard or ignoring muamalat.'

'Identities according to the belief of Islam, which we adhered to, has been replaced by nationalistic realities with carved out maps, left by the colonialists on their way out. The departure of the colonialists from these lands did not draw any acceptance in the name of defending the people of the land or their interests. It only guaranteed the destruction and the paralysis of the muslims.'

'This is before we talk about the constitutions, the legal system, the economy system. This is about the boundaries and identities that were created in these lands. It is all filled with the nationalistic emotions between this country and the other.'

'Constitutionalism and nationalism are bound together. Constitutionalists and nationalists were anti-Caliphate. They were enemies of the Deen.'

'Islamic education in Malaysia and Indonesia have been based on Islamic reform. Islamic reform is a thesis on Islam based on finding a cure without knowing muamalat first.'

'The Deen of Islam is simple. To understand the Deen of Islam is the simplest thing on earth. The problem comes in the way we reason in our adhering to the Deen today. To find the simplicity to understand Muamalat, we have to decode our situations into the terms and knowledge of muamalat and then the matter comes to us with clarity.'

'In examining this matter, we have to look at the encompassing vessel from which
The Sulu people wants independence from the Philipines.'

'I was looking for the true sultanate of these lands. I wanted to find who are the people who had never surrendered. Who never said YES to the colonialist package. I looked and looked and looked and I found this in two areas, its Sulu and Acheh. And well,a little bit in Kelantan.'

'To become a state-hood ( nation-state ) according to the United nations, it has nothing to do with independence or freedom. It is in fact slavery. In order to attain freedom or independence in the first place is to attain it FROM United Nations, NOT WITHIN the United Nations.'

'The issue of sovereignty cannot be demanded from someone who does not have it. The United nations does not give sovereignty. It does not have it. Sovereignty belongs to Allah (swt). We ask Him for sovereignty.'

'The Darul Islam in Nusantara will start with the independence of the Sultanate of the Sulu people.'

'The only reality that I believe in is the one in which is ' La hau la wa laa qu wata ila bilLah'. It stands out first. This is what matters to us. This is our strength. This is what we live for and this what we die for. This is our gain. It is our loss if we miss it. '

'Most important is that Allah has granted us success. As the Moro people of the west in AlAndalus once wrote in the walls of AlHambra - 'La ghaliba ilaAllah' when they established the Deen of Islam in the al Andalus. We will will inscribe the same. Assalaamualaikum'

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'The Suq ( Market ) and Waqf of Madina' by Umar Vadillo

'Ibn Khaldun who was a qadi, was considered to be the Father of History because he was the first person who encountered an understanding of history in the way of interpretation of events. Not just relating events, but interpreting it. Ibn Khaldun said 'What makes a city ? What distinguish a city from a settlement? It is the existence of the market-place.' So, when there is no market-place, a place is still called a settlement. It does not become a Medina yet. It becomes a Medina when it has a market-place.'

'The Muslims of Madina did not invent the market-places. Just like we did not invent the gold coins. It had existed from the beginning of societies. That society itself allocated a space, that was a public space, … public, meaning own by everybody, where the people can trade.'

'A super-market is a monopoly. It destroys trading, destroys distributions and ultimately destroys production because eventually it becomes part of the monopoly that controls retailing.'

'The society with monopolies has nothing to do with trading, and that society has nothing to do with Islam.'

'It is sufficient to start with the fact that the restoration of the market-places into muslim societies is a fundamental pillar in our war against riba (usury).'

'So when people ask me is there any country in the world now using the gold dinar? I tell them not to ask me that question. I tell them to ask me 'Was there any Muslim country using the gold dinar when the Caliphate was established? I answered them ' ALL without exception. ''

'The silk routes and other routes. Every spot on the lines of the trade routes on the map of the muslim world represents a major market. These were the very heart of the trading activities of the muslims world when they were masters of trade. It is very clear in this picture that we were a middle kingdom. Therefore, land trading was fundamental in our wealth.'

'Market places, before and after Islam, were public institutions. They were own by the people. They belong to the people. And Rasul (saw) actually documented in his saying the fact that the Suq is a sadaqah to the people. Meaning, the institution that regulates the market place is the Waqf.'

'Rasul (saw) said, ' The sunnah of the market is like the sunnah of the masjid.''

'Rasul (saw) said 'This is your market. Do not divide it into sections. Do not impose taxes.''

'It is a fundamental right of every individual to have a place ( space ) to trade without any limitations. Monopolistic super-markets break down the fundamental freedom of societies to do trading.'

'Privatisation of markets have killed trading. '

'The sukka are the people of the market. The sukka were dominantly women. The tujar, the traders, the people who were in the caravans were mostly men. This was not exclusive at all. It is also known there were some men in the market of Madina. The retail in the market place were mostly run by women. The women run the society. The market place is their domain.'

'What made Kelantan special in my view is the market of Siti Khadeeja. What makes their women special because they have this entrepreneural spirit. I remembered going to Pasar Siti Khadeeja. 20 yrs ago. Now, the whole thing is falling apart. It is very sad. Extremely sad. In those days it was absolutely vibrant.'

'With the coming of the British to the middle east, among the first measures they undertook was the nationalisation of the wakf. The wakf that represented the wealth of thousands of people in the society. It is the property of Allah (swt). It cannot be sold or repossessed, or anything of the kind. It was taken over. It was systematically nationalised solely in order to create the first condition for the establishment of the capitalist institutions.'

'In the same way that Henry VIII nationalised all the properties of the Christian monasteries for giving birth to the perfect monarchy that later on became the first modern state. The same way the British did later with the waqf of the muslims.'

'That's the beauty, the beauty is that Allah (swt) build the world bil-Haqq. The thing that give us the strength and put light to where the darkness is .. is Madina al-Munawarra. Al -Munawarra … the Light. Nur. This is our Light.'

Sunday, May 23, 2010

'The Contract of Qirad' by Umar Vadillo and a special introduction to 'Root Islamic Education' written by Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi

'But, … Malik, …. Malik is the source, without any question. So going back to Imam Malik is not going back to one of the many ( a choice of one from many ), it is going back to THE direct source for all. It is the source for the people in Iraq and for everybody else. And out of all the matters of which Imam Malik is the strongest, he precisely has almost unique knowledge in the matters of the Amal of the ahlal Medina.'

'Qirad is a contract for a loan of money for a business transaction. It is a contract for a business loan. Strictly a loan of money from an investor to an agent.'

'Qirad is the word used in Medina. The word used in Iraq is mudharaba. They both means the same.'

'The contracts performed by the islamic banks today are completely distorted. It is impossible to call the contracts performed by islamic banks as qirad or mudharaba. Present banking contracts is a complete deviation meant to validate riba.'

'If you do not know what is haram, then the whole things becomes blurr. Then what is 'halal' and what is 'haram' are all mixed up. Resulting today, transactions that are completely haram, without any question, are made halal.'

'Ferdinand Braudel, a french historian is the very few historians that paid attention to the economic development and the life of people. He considered that the key for the uplifting, the creation and the success of the Italian city-states was the adoption of the new contract bought from the east called qirad. In the west qirad was called commenda. It showed the enormous power of qirad.'

'When the interest rates appeared, qirad slowly vanished. Nobody could compete with the banks, who could offer credit for nothing. They were creating money out of nothing, while imposing tax on everybody else.'

'Conditions for qirad 1.Qirad starts with money and ends with money. 2.No collateral 3. No timing (period) for contract 4. Profit of business is split according to the percentage established between agent and investor.'

'How was this done in Medina without collateral? The people had honour. This was a community of people with honour. In this time the honour of an individual was his collateral (capital).'

'Without collateral, the agents are chosen by their referral (recommendations) and an acceptable track record in being an agent.'

'Money, Market (Suq) and Qirad – these are what I call the Core Mechanism. And according to core mechanism of Muamalat, once these three elements are put into place the whole synergy between the three of them will make the whole phenomenon of Muamalat unstoppable.'

Saturday, May 22, 2010

'The Introduction to Ad-Deen Al-Muamalat' by Umar Vadillo

'Knowledge that does not take you away from dunya is not knowledge at all. Any knowledge that attaches you to dunya is not knowledge.
Knowledge is to want Allah more than you want anything else.'- From The Basic Research by Ibn Ajiba

'Knowledge is not about acquisition of information.'

'To understand the economic mess, you have to understand Muamalat. Things will become clear. And for you to act, you need Iman, Taqwa.'

'The model of modernity was in the way of the conquering kufar, the economy was the economy of the conquering kufar, the legal system was the legal system of the conquering kufar, the political system was the political system of the conquering kufar. Islamic Constitutions, Islamic Democracy, Islamic Capitalism - Ideas of reform were ideas of islamisation. Not an idea of social reform but an idea to reform Islam.'

'With this little coin - the Gold Dinar, the ringgit will be put into question. When the ringgit is put into question, the Central Bank will be put into question. When the central bank is put into question, then the islamic banks will be put into question. Consequently, the zakat will be put into question, and then the Muftis will be put into question. Everything will be put into question with this little coin.'

'You are capable of realising the Victory of the Deen of Islam.'

'The only nation that exists in Islam is the Darul Islam with the restoration of the Caliphate.'

'The integration of all the Muslim people under one nation in Darul Islam will take its first step with the introduction of the Gold Dinar.'

'We use the gold dinar because we love Allah (swt). It is the blessed currency mentioned in the blessed Quran'

'Philosophy is a way of thinking, originated by the Greeks 2500 years ago. It is a way of questioning, the 'what', the 'where' and the 'how'. Science is a branch of philosophy. We dont need science to think, we need Islamic thinking.'

'Science does not think. If this knowledge of Science does not admit its limitations, then, it will become dangerous.- Martin Heidegger'

Friday, May 21, 2010

'The Sales Contract' by Umar Vadillo 16 April 2010

'Gold for Gold, Silver for silver, equal for equal, hand to hand'

'If you take any aspect of the Shariah and fulfill it to its ultimate consequences, you will transform the society entirely. Everything is inter-related. Matters concerning the contracts are at the heart of the Muamalat.'

'Universities have taught something so simple into something so complicated until the Amal of Ahlal Madinah is completely incomprehensible and unacceptable.'

'Economics is a theory founded upon the fact of justifying riba based upon psychological and subjectivistic views. Economics is a false science trying to justify riba.'

'Interest free does not mean anything. You can be 100% interest-free and completely forbidden ...'

'The riba in sales ( 2 sales and 2 prices )has to do with the 'mechanisms' that are being used to 'hide' riba.'

'There are 2 types of riba,
1.Riba an-Nasi'ah - Riba of deferment (deferment relates to possession and ownership)
2.Riba al-Fadl - Riba of disparity (disparity has to do with quantities or values)'

'Money cannot be rented.'

Saturday, May 15, 2010

'The Contract of Shirkat' by Umar Vadillo 14-5-2010

'You are free if you are existentially free. You are an owner if you can exercise ownership. The contract must reflect what actually existentially happens in reality.'

'In shirkah, there is no such thing as majority nor minority ownership. Majority and minority ownership was introduced to validate the corrupted institutions like the stock-exchange.'

'Principle of co-ownership, as in share-holders, is a deception. By mere mathematics, it is allowing a small group of people to be able to control an enormous amount of assets. Mere system of control.'

'Dividends does not reflect the results of the company as it should be. It is given entirely on different parameters decided by the board. Dividends that are today are nothing but mathematically calculated INTERESTS with un-fixed rate of return.'

'Co-ownership is not what it is. In reality, it is 'share-holders' without decision-making, lending money (a loan), not partnership, not co-ownership but loans with dividends being the interest over their 'loans'.'

'There is no such thing as limited liability in Islam. All owners are responsible for the liabilities of the business.'

'Labour (work) in Islam is above capital. You do not have any right to the benefits and the wealth created by others who work. This is important. No sleeping partner. No one is entitled to the work of another man. The work itself is profit. No amount of capital can benefit from that.'

'The economic crisis helps capitalism to thrive. Every crisis cycles make the banks evolve even stronger. The crisis is the jumping step to make them stronger. To get out of it they just print more money.'

'US dollar is mathematically DEAD'

'We follow the madzhab because its the protected environment. This is where the best of our people in the past have looked upon this matter and looked upon this matter and looked upon this matter and created a body to protect the Deen.'