Saturday, May 22, 2010

'The Introduction to Ad-Deen Al-Muamalat' by Umar Vadillo

'Knowledge that does not take you away from dunya is not knowledge at all. Any knowledge that attaches you to dunya is not knowledge.
Knowledge is to want Allah more than you want anything else.'- From The Basic Research by Ibn Ajiba

'Knowledge is not about acquisition of information.'

'To understand the economic mess, you have to understand Muamalat. Things will become clear. And for you to act, you need Iman, Taqwa.'

'The model of modernity was in the way of the conquering kufar, the economy was the economy of the conquering kufar, the legal system was the legal system of the conquering kufar, the political system was the political system of the conquering kufar. Islamic Constitutions, Islamic Democracy, Islamic Capitalism - Ideas of reform were ideas of islamisation. Not an idea of social reform but an idea to reform Islam.'

'With this little coin - the Gold Dinar, the ringgit will be put into question. When the ringgit is put into question, the Central Bank will be put into question. When the central bank is put into question, then the islamic banks will be put into question. Consequently, the zakat will be put into question, and then the Muftis will be put into question. Everything will be put into question with this little coin.'

'You are capable of realising the Victory of the Deen of Islam.'

'The only nation that exists in Islam is the Darul Islam with the restoration of the Caliphate.'

'The integration of all the Muslim people under one nation in Darul Islam will take its first step with the introduction of the Gold Dinar.'

'We use the gold dinar because we love Allah (swt). It is the blessed currency mentioned in the blessed Quran'

'Philosophy is a way of thinking, originated by the Greeks 2500 years ago. It is a way of questioning, the 'what', the 'where' and the 'how'. Science is a branch of philosophy. We dont need science to think, we need Islamic thinking.'

'Science does not think. If this knowledge of Science does not admit its limitations, then, it will become dangerous.- Martin Heidegger'