Friday, May 21, 2010

'The Sales Contract' by Umar Vadillo 16 April 2010

'Gold for Gold, Silver for silver, equal for equal, hand to hand'

'If you take any aspect of the Shariah and fulfill it to its ultimate consequences, you will transform the society entirely. Everything is inter-related. Matters concerning the contracts are at the heart of the Muamalat.'

'Universities have taught something so simple into something so complicated until the Amal of Ahlal Madinah is completely incomprehensible and unacceptable.'

'Economics is a theory founded upon the fact of justifying riba based upon psychological and subjectivistic views. Economics is a false science trying to justify riba.'

'Interest free does not mean anything. You can be 100% interest-free and completely forbidden ...'

'The riba in sales ( 2 sales and 2 prices )has to do with the 'mechanisms' that are being used to 'hide' riba.'

'There are 2 types of riba,
1.Riba an-Nasi'ah - Riba of deferment (deferment relates to possession and ownership)
2.Riba al-Fadl - Riba of disparity (disparity has to do with quantities or values)'

'Money cannot be rented.'


  1. Thanks for uploading this. I'm now going to download it, and play it in my car as i drive around!

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