Saturday, May 29, 2010

Governance according to Muamalat with special emphasis on the Sultanate of Sulu, Nusantara

'The Islamic Gold Dinar is about freedom. We live in a society where there is no freedom. We are not aware this is a problem. The big problem is that we do not know that we are not aware. We are not aware that we are economic slaves. We are not conscious that we are being robbed and that, we are insensitive to our own situation.'

'Understanding muamalat is the basis of understanding everything else.'

'99% literature written in the last century on Islamic economics or reform of economics are without the understanding of muamalat, disregard or ignoring muamalat.'

'Identities according to the belief of Islam, which we adhered to, has been replaced by nationalistic realities with carved out maps, left by the colonialists on their way out. The departure of the colonialists from these lands did not draw any acceptance in the name of defending the people of the land or their interests. It only guaranteed the destruction and the paralysis of the muslims.'

'This is before we talk about the constitutions, the legal system, the economy system. This is about the boundaries and identities that were created in these lands. It is all filled with the nationalistic emotions between this country and the other.'

'Constitutionalism and nationalism are bound together. Constitutionalists and nationalists were anti-Caliphate. They were enemies of the Deen.'

'Islamic education in Malaysia and Indonesia have been based on Islamic reform. Islamic reform is a thesis on Islam based on finding a cure without knowing muamalat first.'

'The Deen of Islam is simple. To understand the Deen of Islam is the simplest thing on earth. The problem comes in the way we reason in our adhering to the Deen today. To find the simplicity to understand Muamalat, we have to decode our situations into the terms and knowledge of muamalat and then the matter comes to us with clarity.'

'In examining this matter, we have to look at the encompassing vessel from which
The Sulu people wants independence from the Philipines.'

'I was looking for the true sultanate of these lands. I wanted to find who are the people who had never surrendered. Who never said YES to the colonialist package. I looked and looked and looked and I found this in two areas, its Sulu and Acheh. And well,a little bit in Kelantan.'

'To become a state-hood ( nation-state ) according to the United nations, it has nothing to do with independence or freedom. It is in fact slavery. In order to attain freedom or independence in the first place is to attain it FROM United Nations, NOT WITHIN the United Nations.'

'The issue of sovereignty cannot be demanded from someone who does not have it. The United nations does not give sovereignty. It does not have it. Sovereignty belongs to Allah (swt). We ask Him for sovereignty.'

'The Darul Islam in Nusantara will start with the independence of the Sultanate of the Sulu people.'

'The only reality that I believe in is the one in which is ' La hau la wa laa qu wata ila bilLah'. It stands out first. This is what matters to us. This is our strength. This is what we live for and this what we die for. This is our gain. It is our loss if we miss it. '

'Most important is that Allah has granted us success. As the Moro people of the west in AlAndalus once wrote in the walls of AlHambra - 'La ghaliba ilaAllah' when they established the Deen of Islam in the al Andalus. We will will inscribe the same. Assalaamualaikum'


  1. Allahu Akbar..Allahu Akbar..Allahu Akbar!!The Sulu People (TAUSUG) were very grateful to Allah for guiding us meeting our fellow Muslims especially like Prof. Umar Ibrahim Vadillo who has a strong determination to establish the Islamic governance through Dinar and Dirham weapon.

    Allah is always watching and helping us to restore the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam!! La hawla wala quwwata illah billah!!

  2. A Reminder What To Come:

    So it is in all these matters we must recognise the terrain we stand on in this present time. The financial system and its banking has destroyed the Nation State and the national currencies are collapsing far more quickly than any manipulated recovery could rescue them. The structural system, as Amir Tareq Ali pointed out, is fragile as in the Ayat of the Spider’s Web.

    On the other hand, the collapse of National State and currency, the inevitable and mathematically inescapable collapse of the monetary system, opens the door to a new age, of which you must be not only the authors but the electrifying leadership.

    The response to the failure to see the Islamic Shariat carried out in the case of the Danish criminal who insulted the Rasul, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, put the kafir world into shock. Suddenly, without organisation, without structures, without even leadership, the great majority of the two billion Muslim World Community rose up and showed their power and their rage.

    Nothing holds the kuffar together - for their system is nothing. The Muslims, as our beloved Prophet reminded us, are the like the supports of a house. We are united as a community of love of Rasul, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and fear of Allah, the Mighty, the Great.

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  4. Sidi al-Hakkawi, thank you for your most piercing words.
    'And if they wish to trick you, Allah is enough for you. He is the one who gave you support awith His help and with the believers and brought their hearts together. Even if you were to spend out everything that is on earth you would not bring their heats together, but Allah brought their hearts together. Surely Allah is Mighty and Wise. O Prphet, Allah is enough for you and those believers who follow you.' Suratul Ankabut 62-64. This is read by the fuqara of Shaykh Abdulqadir as-Sufi in their wird everyday around the world.